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Translation, teaching language, error analysis, lexicography, & corpus linguistics.

 Prof. Mahmoud Ismail Saleh, Professor Emeritus, Applied  Linguistics     

 Ph 0114675245


Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall literary writings, Victorian Poetry, Postcolonial Critical theory, & Charlotte Bronte as a poet and novelist.

 Prof. Ebtisam Ali Sadiq, Professor, English Literature. 

Ph 0118050800 

Office 123 

 .Language testing and language teaching and learning

 Prof. Ibrahim Saleh Alfallay, Professor, Applied Linguistics 

Ph 0114675547 


Morphology, syntax, and phonology

 Dr. Abdullah Saad Abdullah Al-Dobaian , Professor, Theoretical Linguistics.

 Ph 0114675267


English literature & comparative literature

Prof. Saad Abdulrahman AlBazei, Professor Emeritus, English Literature 




Developmental linguistics; child language acquisition, accented speech, and morpho-syntactic constraints

 Dr. Farah Hameid Alenezi, Associate Professor, Theoretical Linguistics 

Ph 0114675437 

Office 1A10 

Phonology: second language phonology, morphophonology, Historical Phonology (Diachronic Phonology), sociophonology, phonological theories, language variations, historical  linguistics, & metrical phonology

Dr. Mufleh Salem ALQahtani, Associate Professor, Theoretical Linguistics 

Ph 0114675264 


Pragmatics, discourse analysis, & sociolinguistics.

 Dr. Normala Othman, Associate Professor, Theoretical Linguistics.

 Ph ------

 Office 120

Discourse analysis, systemic functional linguistics, multimodal discourse analysis (MDA), semantics, academic literacy research, reading & comprehension, assessment and  evaluation tools for EFL/ESL students, and the use of Web 2.0 technology in higher education

Dr. Hesham Suleiman Alyousef, Associate Professor, Theoretical/Applied Linguistics

Ph 0114675435 Mob 0553000412

Office 1A08

17th& 18th century British novel, ideology and politics, slavery, & imperialism.

 Dr. Samia Al-Shayban, Associate Professor, English Literature. 

 Ph 0118050971

 Office 118

Exploring the epistemological bias in postcolonial theory, coloniality in world reading strategies and role of modernity/coloniality in the rise of modern Arabic literary criticism.

 Dr. Haifa Saud Alfaisal, Associate Professor, English Literature.

 Ph 0118051911

 Office 111

Pragmatics: Speech Acts.

Sociolinguistics: Code-switching & language maintenance.

Dr. Muna Torjoman, Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics.

 Ph 0118056098

 Office 88

Curricula instruction, code switching, integration of technology in language learning & teaching, authenticity in language acquisition, and critical thinking in language acquisition

 Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud Talal Mohaidat, Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics 

Ph 0114699718 

 Office AB39

Saudi dialects, sociophonetics, linguistic levelling, language and gender, language and culture, language and social practice, metalanguage, linguistic attitudes, and code-switching.

 Dr. Manal Abdullah Ismail, Associate Professor, Theoretical Linguistics 

Ph 0118050633 

7Office 9

Theatre studies, psychoanalysis theories and drama, gender studies and drama, language/communication and theatre.

 Dr. Madhawy Abdulaziz Almeshaal, Assistant Professor, English Literature.

 Ph 0118051213

 Office 130

Utopian science, fiction & fantasy literature, Renaissance fiction, &19th century novel popular culture & film, Imperial literature, travel literature, & composition studies

Dr. Musab A. Bajaber, Assistant Professor, English Literature 

Ph 0114675240 

Office AB36 

.Prosody, linguistic interface, syntax, semantics, Saudi dialects, informatics structure, & pragmatics

Dr. Muhammad Alzaidi, Assistant Professor, Theoretical Linguistics 

Ph 0114675215 

Office 1B02 

Language acquisition, language assessment, corpus linguistics, lexicography, language policy & planning, learning languages, second language writing, learner language, & collaborative learning

Dr. Suliman Mohammed AlNasser, Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics 

Ph 0114675433 

Office 1A06 

Formal phonology and morphology, speech perception, spoken word recognition, morphological processing, visual word paradigm with eye-tracking, and language disorders

Dr. Abdulrahman Alamri, Assistant Professor, Theoretical Liguistics 

 Ph ------

 Office ------

Rhetorical theory and criticism, literary theory and criticism, & autobiography studies

Dr. Fayez Abdulmajeed AlGhamdi, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics 

Ph 0114675263 

Office AB59 

Theoretical Linguuistics

Dr. Musaed S. Bin-Muqbil, Assistant Professor, Theoretical Linguistics 

Ph 0114675240 

Office AB36 

Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis, Psycholinguistics, Langauge Acquisition

 Dr. Eman Abdulkader Kamal, Assistant Professor, Theoretical Linguistics. 

 Ph 0118051216

 Office 117

English renaissance drama (Elizabethan & Jacobean drama), Shakespearean tragedy, Elizabethan poetry, Ben Jonson’s drama

Jacobean city comedy, Jacobean city masques, English romantics

Dr. Mohammed Wajeeh Alyo, Assistant Professor, English Literature 

Ph 0114675438 


Language acquisition, material design & implementation, classroom interaction, linguistics

Dr. Othman Ali Ameniei, Assistant Professor, Theoretical Linguistics

Ph 0114675262 

Office 1B58 

Pragmatics, pragmatic comprehension and speech acts

Dr. Hala Saleh Al-Barrak, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics 


Office 99 

Postcolonial Literature.

 Dr. Iesar Ahmad Khidmat Dar, Assistant Professor, English Literature 

 Ph 0114675236

 Office AB31

Applied linguistics, second language acquisition, & sociolinguistics.

 Dr. Shaikah Ahmed Mohammed Al Madkhali, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics

 Ph ----

 Office 104

Second language acquisition & bilingualism

 Dr. Huda Mohammed Abdullah Almurshed, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics. 

 Ph 0118051487

 Office 103



Language Acquisition, Technology and Language

 Dr. Maimoonah Khaleel Al Khalil, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics. 

 Ph 0118050838

 Office 110

Narratalogy, African-American literature, English and American novel, & modern literature.

Dr. Laila Abdulrahman Hamad Alekrish, Assistant Professor, English Literature 

Ph 0118050445 

Office 89 

LRSW applied linguistics, productive language teaching, language acquisition, course switching and core mixing, & communication skills

 Dr. Kesavan Vadakalur Elumalai, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics. 

 Ph 0114675542

 Office ----

Phonology, loan words, loan word phonology, language contact, theoretical linguistics, & lexical borrowing

Dr. Saleh Saeed Mubarak Batais, Associate Professor, Theoretical Linguistics 

Ph 0114675430 

Office 1A05 

Production of knowledge, translation, 18th century novel, Postcolonial theory, & Narratology

Dr. Anas Maktabi, Assistant Professor, English Literature 

Ph 0114675546 

Office AA94 

Theory & literary criticism, comparative literature, 19thcentury American literature, American modernism, & Saudi literature

Dr. Mohammed Ghazi AlGhamdi, Assistant Professor, English Literature 

Ph 0114675544 

Office AA89 

Postcolonial studies & nationalist feminism.

Dr. Lama Mitib AlHarbi, Assistant Professor, English Literature 

   ------  Ph 

Office 121 

Transatlantic studies, modernist literature and literary theory, reception studies, Antebellum America, visual dialectics of modernity, & Edgar Allan Poe (influence and reputation).

 Dr. Najla Al-Dughayem, Assistant Professor, English Literature. 

 Ph -----

 Office 125

Literary Criticism, Postmodernism, American Literature, Arab American Literature, Saudi Literature in English, & Comparative Literature.


 Dr. Ibrahim Azizi, Assistant Professor, English Literature 

 Ph 0114675543

 Office AA88

Sociolinguistics, language variation, Pidgin language, Polity language and linguistic politeness, & corpus linguistics.

 Dr. Mohammed Abdullah AlMoaily, Assistant Professor, Theoretical Linguistics.

 Ph 0114675436

 Office 1A09

 Use of Technology (ICT,CALL) in EFL teaching, teacher training and development (continuous personal development), theorising technology use, evaluation and development of ICT CPD, Mobile learning, distance learning and evaluation .

 Dr. Khalid Ahmed AlGhamdi, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics. 

 Ph 0114675434

 Office -----

Exploring L1 Arabic speakers’ acquisition of English grammatical structures within generative theory by identifying the features in L1 & L2 and the role of L1 transfer and input, integrating findings from linguistic theory into language pedagogy, investigating the effect of explicit and implicit types of input on language acquisition through experimental classroom research, & exploring gender and identity in linguistic discourse.

 Dr. May Abdulaziz Abumelha, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics. 

 Ph 0118058531

 Office 93

Postcolonial Feminism

 Dr. Sharifa Ali Alaamri, Assistant Professor, English Literature. 

 Ph ------

 Office 122

Poetry, Systemic Functional Linguistics, & African American Poetry.

 Dr. Haifa Saad AlMofaireeg, Assistant Professor, English Literature. 

 Ph ------

 Office 91

Applied Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Classroom Research Studies.

Dr. Mona Alkahtani, Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics

ph. 0118050830

Office 112

Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Psycholinguistics,

Course Evaluation.

Dr. Amal AlHamid, Assistant Professor, ِLinguistics


Office 100

Cognitive Poetics, Literary Linguistics, Reader Response, Dystopia.

Dr. Arwa Hassan, Assistant Professor. English Literature and Linguistics


Office 97

Modernism, Postcolonial and Marxist Theories, 20th Century Fiction, Aesthetics, Globalization, Oil Fiction.

Dr. Sara Alotaibi, Assistant Professor, English Literature


Office 117

World Literature, Narrative Theory, TranslationStudies, Postcolonial Theory, Anglophone Arab Literature in Diaspora, and Comparative Literature.
Ph 0114675065
Office AB3
Language and Society

Dr. Fahdah Abdulmhsen Al-Suwailim, Assistant professos, Linguistics


Office 95


Arab American Fiction

Dr.Hyat Tawfeq Bedaiwi, Assistant professos, English Literature


Office: 130

 Modernism with expertise in Samuel Beckett and visual analysis in literary studies; genetic manuscript studies; political climate in the 1930s; and censorship. Other research interests fall under: comparative literature, cultural theory, and art history.

Dr.Amjad Mohammed Al-Shalan, Assistant Professor, English Literature

Ph: 0118051487




Teacher Assistants


Ahmed Abdulmajeed Alharthi

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 Satam Alotaibi

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Mohammed AlRayees

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Abdulaziz Alaareefi


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DaifAllah Alzahrani



Samah Saleh Ahmed AlObudi

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Rana AlGhamdi

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Office 102

Dana Tariq Alsudairi

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Office 100

Yara Abdulaziz AlShaalan

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Darene Abdulilah Almalki

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Eman Saleh Alameel

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Tomader Ahmed Al Fraikh

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Sara Naser AlZeer

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Lama AlSuleiman

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Rawan Ali Alshatwi

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Lulwah Alomaim

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Mashael Ibrahim Almeshal

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Fahda Anas Alsheikh

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Office 114

Mashael Mohammed AlAmro

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Office 113

Nourah Suleiman Alshalan

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Nada Hamoud Altuwaijri

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Wafa Othman AlJuaythin

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Office 121

Najlaa Alrwaita

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Office 126

Abeer Nasser Alqahtani



English Literature

Ahlam Aruwaili

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Office 87

Sami AlMutairi

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Lulu Mahmoud Hajaj


Office 98

Mashael Aldakheel

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Office 93

Mashael Abdullah Alameer

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Office 119

Muna Suleiman Albalawi

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Office 99

Mohrah Abdullah AlOtaibi

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Office 90

May Alhazmi

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Hanaa Aly Ayoub

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Moodey S. AlSedairi

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Atheer Abdullah Alsuwailim

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Arwa Fahad Almubaddel

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Maha Aldosari

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Malak AlRashed

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Nouf Moahmmed Aldiraibi

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