Chair’s Welcome

  It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Social Studies Department at KSU. This Department provides the students with distinguished educational programmes taught by competent instructors specialised in the field of social studies. It broadens their understanding of our social issues by the type of education that instills into them the sense of responsibility and independent thought. It also provides them with continuous learning skills that help them in their future lives. When students study at the Department, they acquire a lot of expertise that inspires their creativity and help them find new opportunities in our society. The Department consists of two tracks: the Sociology Track and the Social Service Track. Both tracks provide the students with the effective education that takes them from theory to practice in everyday situations. This strategy enables the students to face and solve social problems. In addition, the Department has established quite a number of connections with several official and non-official organisations such as prisons, hospitals, charitable organizations, social rehabilitation facilities and other social institutions that provide the students with effective training in the fields of social research, counseling and social work. The Department offers a number of programmes for postgraduate studies such as MA, parallel MA and PhD programmes in the fields of sociology and social service. This level of education enables both male and female graduates to work as experts and leaders in the fields of social affairs and social work. Our Department has developed and is still growing with its good name glowing in the education circles. I am so happy to be part of the team and work in such an academic environment.     Chair of the Social Studies Department Dr. Hamid bin  Khalil Alshayji